About Us

A Mission of Self-Love and Confidence

Yes, we offer beauty services. Yes, we help you get clean pores and nails that match your latest outfit. But that’s not how we see it. We love doing what we do because taking care of yourself means LOVING yourself. We deeply believe that being more confident in your appearance helps you be more confident in life. Our salon is a safe space where you can be who you want to be ; we value respect and individuality. Our professsionals will help you get your face, legs, or any part of your body ready for the world. If you leave our salon feeling confident, we will have achieved our mission. 

Our History

2010 - 2020
Sarah, our owner, builds up her skills in various salons.
The Salon opens it's doors!
To be continued...
We are planning to offer more services in the future, stay tuned!
We are recruting our experts
We are undergoing removations until mid-September, but we are sill opened!

Our Team

Subha, Beautician
Pooja, Beautician
Ashly, Beautician
Sarah, Owner

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